Friday, 24 February 2012

GUEST POST: 'The Healing Power of Makeup' by Jackie Clark

I was recently contacted by a lady named Jackie who asked if I allowed guest posts on my blog. Jackie is an outreach worker for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and I think her message is very important.

Without wanting to get too personal, cancer (though not Mesothelioma) has affected people that I know and love very much and it is probably my greatest fear. 

Recently, somebody I know was diagnosed with cancer; a young, vibrant mother of three young children. Whilst undergoing treatment she lost her hair, her eyelashes and her eyebrows; when you're already going through something so traumatic, to lose something which has previously been your identity is immensely hard and that is the reason why I decided I would gladly allow Jackie's message to be spread via my blog.

I hope you are as touched by it as I am. If you wish to contact Jackie, you can find her on Twitter @jakieClrk.

The Healing Power of Makeup
By: Jackie Clark

It simple really but makeup consists of a bit of pigment that's mixed with powders or liquids; however, the effects it has on women can be profound. According to the Makeup & Cosmetics website, research is beginning to show that women facing challenges such as a mesothelioma cancer prognosis can benefit in tangible ways from regularly wearing makeup. Feeling beautiful again helps a woman feel in control, which aids the healing process and allows a woman to feel fabulous while doing so.
Makeup and Imagination

As anyone who has done a little theater can attest, makeup has the ability to transform a face from light to dark, make noses smaller and eyes look bigger. It also plays a key role in character development; the more an actor looks like the character, the more likely he or she will act the part. This distinction has some real life applications. For those who may not feel so great physically or who are dealing with emotional setbacks, makeup can do wonders. A woman who looks beautiful and healthy will very often begin to act beautiful and healthy. What the mind focuses on is what it moves toward.
Providing Routine

Creating a normal routine is one of the main recommendations to obey by when it comes to dealing with the difficulties in life that cause people to feel trauma. The process of putting on makeup and other grooming tasks are part of the daily routine that most people take for granted. However, by taking the time to pamper yourself and look great can be enormously helpful in treating illness by heightening your self-confidence. This simple act provides a sharp, but welcoming contrast to necessary outings to doctors or other health care professionals and look fabulous while doing it.

As any woman knows, there are activities that are related to putting on makeup, but don't deal with makeup directly. These include activities like taking a leisurely bath, trying out different perfumes or giving oneself a facial. These activities will contribute to a woman's sense of well-being and will potentially help her to de-stress; this counts as another important recommendation that a person facing physical challenges will get from their doctors or mental health care workers. These simple acts are the steps that women can take as she prepares her face and mind for wearing makeup and should not be avoided. They're all part of the healing process.

Makeup is for every woman. It makes a healthy woman feel confident, and it also assists a woman who is facing physical challenges or illnesses to feel better about herself and become more optimistic. As such, it should be considered a necessary part of any cancer treatment regime or mental health program. As the L'Oreal Skin Science website states, “Cosmetics do more than embellish the outside. It also stimulates what is within.” Go out and live a beautiful life inside and out regardless of what obstacles you may be facing. The road to recovery will be so much more fun while looking sexy, fabulous and beautiful!

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  1. Very informative. I've never had someone I know suffer from cancer. I can only imagine what that would be like.

    Thanks for sharing. :)