Thursday, 1 September 2011

MAC Deep Truth

Okay, I must have seen this eye shadow a hundred times before in MAC yet until the other day I'd never even bothered to swatch it; "hmm, pretty" I'd mumble before looking at something else.

Recently though, I have been on the hunt for 'the perfect deep blue eye shadow'; described by MAC as a 'true dark blue', it is a frost finish and it goes on smoothly and blends beautifully.

with flash

Excuse the brows, I have a threading appointment tomorrow...

As you can see, I couldn't wait to try it on so I decided that I'd slap it haphazardly all over the eye and hope for the best and do you know what? As sloppy as it is, I bloody well love it.

I think this shade would look particularly beautiful on darker skintones and equally striking on very light skintones.

I implore you to check out this eye shadow next time you're in MAC as it really is an absolute gem and a great alternative to a black smoky eye.

Vicky xoxo


  1. Your eyemakeup looks gorgeous! Oh to not look like a clown when I wear blue - or pat butcher


  2. I tend to steer clear of blue eye shadow too but I'm in love with this colour! x

  3. Thank you, it's a gorgeous e/s! x