Saturday, 17 September 2011

Blog Award: Tell Me About Yourself

So, it's a Saturday night and I'm housebound with a rotten cold when I get a message from the lovely Leona at Shopping Bag Full Of Dreams telling me she has given me my first blog award! Super excited so here we go....

Here are the 'rules' of the award:

- Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
- Write 7 random things about yourself

- Spread the love to 20 other bloggers

So... thank you Leona! I love your blog so it's super nice to receive this award.

Fact One: I am absolutely obsessive about sport. I'm an avid football fan (Chelsea) and a bit of an anorak when it comes to boxing - they're definitely my two favourites. Over the past year I've also really got into hurling (it's an Irish sport) and golf to the extent where I'm tempted to take golf lessons....

Fact Two: Las Vegas is my dream holiday destination. I've been fascinated by the lights, the history and the 'glamour' of Sin City since I was a little girl.

Fact Three: I'm obsessed with shoes and I will not feel complete until I have a pair of Louboutins in my collection.

Fact Four: Snatch, featuring Brad Pitt, is one of my favourite films of all time.

Fact Five: Pretty self-explanatory - I am an only child.

Fact Six: I absolutely despise birds but I adore penguins!

Fact Seven: I love the theatre and I am determined to see Wicked on Broadway. I saw it in London a few years ago and it was the best musical I've ever seen.

So, there we go, those are my facts. Pretty boring but I never claimed to be interesting ;)

I Tag:

Sorry that isn't 20 people! I found it really hard to select people who hadn't done it before! If I've tagged you and you have done it and I've missed it then I apologise!

Have a lovely weekend!

Vicky xoxo


  1. Thanks for tagging me Vicky :) If you dont mind me asking how did you get interested in hurling? My boyfriend loves it but I prefer Gaelic football :) x

  2. You're welcome!
    Oh it's quite a boring story. I was flicking through the TV channels last year and found Premier Sport which is, in effect, our answer to Setanta. Tipp were on playing somebody (they were underdogs in the game and I love an underdog so I picked them) and it was the strangest sport I had ever seen! I was like "is it football? Is it rugby? Is it hockey?!" but no, it was hurling. I love how fast paced it is too, found myself watching it religiously from then on. Now I just need to *really* understand the rules :) x

  3. hey Vicky!!
    Thanks for tagging me :-D I enjoy reading those and getting to know people and now I've been tagged, yay! sounds weird but I'm super excited! just came back from my holiday so I'll write about as soon as possible [ just had to check your blogpost]
    ps: really admire your obsession with sports, wish I was that passionate about sport but unfortunately I'm not :-(


  4. You're super welcome, I can't wait to read your answers :) x