Monday, 31 October 2011

TAG: Childhood Memories

Can you believe we haven't had a single trick or treater tonight? Well we haven't so I have the unfortunate task of eating the sweets, it's a tough job polishing off this amount of Haribo but someone has to do it!

Anyway, whilst eating my weight in Haribo I came across this tag on Sophie's blog and I knew instantly that I. Had. To. Do. It!!

In Soph's words:

The 'rules' for this tag are fairly simple. State the year you were born and your era and list 10 things you remember from the main bulk of your childhood.
So here we go...

I was born in September 1990 and here are some of the things I remember from my wonderful 90s childhood!

1. The Spice Girls
Girl Power! Who didn't love the Spice Girls in the 90s?! Sporty, Posh, Scary, Baby and Ginger certainly 'Spiced Up Our Lives' during the 90s and my childhood. My favourite was always Posh Spice, mostly because we share a first name but even to this day, I'm still a huge fan of Victoria Beckham! I spent hours learning the dance moves and words to all the Spice Girls songs and yes, I did dust them off during the reunion tour! 

2. Pokemon Cards

Many a lunch and play time were spent swapping Pokeman cards in between playing games of marbles over the playground drains (ok that sounds more like I lived in the 40s than the 90s...). Charmander was always my favourite, I had about 4 of his cards because I never wanted to swap him <3

3. Dennis Wise and Gianfranco Zola

Chelsea have always been a huge part of my life and growing up, the two men above were a massive part of my childhood. I could go into detail of the players I adored growing up but for me, Zola and Wise were the ultimate.

4. Kids TV

Kids TV was beyond awesome in the 90s! One of my favourite shows was Noah's Island but nobody seems to remember it! It was about animals that were en route to the zoo when their ship got wrecked and they all ended up on an island that was run by a Polar bear named Noah. It was amazing!

Other favourites were: The Queen's Nose, The Snorks, The Smurfs, The Hair Bear Bunch, Wacky Races, Arthur, The Faraway Tree, The Worst Witch, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Power Rangers and SO many more. Seriously, I could list my favourite shows ALL day. Kids TV isn't what it was!

5. Aliens

Aliens. We all had one. We all thought if we stuck them together they'd make a baby. They never did. 

6.  Walkman Cassette Players

These bad boys were the height of cool when I was little and the only way to listen to your cassette tapes of songs you'd recorded off the radio! You couldn't skip tracks, you just had to fast forward and hope for the best. Ah the good days!

 7. Videos

Much like the humble cassette tape, videos were the be all and end all in the days before disks became popular (or were invented - maybe they were invented and we didn't have them?). I'll never forget the days I spent watching my favourite Disney films (classic Disney, none of that remastered nonsense!) on video tape. I still have them all in the loft - heaven knows how I'll ever play them again!

8. Baby Born

Yes I had a Baby Born and yes I thought you fact you could 'feed' it was the best thing ever! Considering I was never much of a baby person, I loved this doll! I think it's still in the loft, I'm such a hoarder! 

9. Aesop's Fables

I loved books when I was little and I learned many of them by heart - most of which were Aesop's Fables. I used to read them with my Great Grandad.

10. The Park

Note: All images taken from Google.

I spent a lot of time in the park and generally playing out when I was a child. The swings were always my favourite even though I hate heights and always have - work that one out! Even now whenever I go past a park I always get the urge to go and play on the swings. I'll grow up one day I'm sure...

So there we have it - some of my childhood memories. I honestly have so many and I'd love to share them all! 

I tag everyone; I'm really interested to see what you all remember from your childhood so please comment below if you decide to do this tag!

Do  you remember any of these things?!

Vicky xoxo


  1. I was born a year after you in December 91 and remember most of these things too :) (apart from Noah's Island - never heard of it?!) X

  2. Love it! I remember most of this stuff! apart from I never had baby born it was tiny tears for me!!! oh and whats Aesops Fables?
    I've done one tooo!!!


  3. I was born in '87 and I can relate to most of the things except the soccer players. Me and my sister were huge spice girl fans haha!


  4. Kelly - Ahhh I can't believe you haven't heard of Noah's Island - it was amazing! You missed out :( x

    Charlie - Aesop's Fables are short stories that have a moral such as The Boy Who Cried Wolf :) I'm just reading your post now! x

    Lonneke - yay Girl Power still rules! I loved the Spice Girls! x